The Agony…

So here I sit, thirty minutes past my appointment time at the Dermatologist office, wondering why did this doctor have to have multiple emergencies today, of all days…

Let me start from the beginning. I have been struggling with my skin for years. Like, a constant battle. I have seen many a dermatologist for these issues and apparently my case is so mysterious that it has eluded them all.

I was going to try a new provider at my office and my mom scheduled me an appointment for Wednesday. I know what you are thinking…. You are 23 and your mom still makes your doctors appointments? Not typically, but I am so frustrated at this point that I thought I would let her give it a go. She is considerably more pushy than I am.

Anyways. I leave Wednesday to go run a few errands and go to my appointment. After the fastest trip to the post office in history, I called the office to see if they would possibly be able to see me early or if I should go hang out somewhere else for 30 minutes. They proceed to tell me, I do not have an appointment scheduled. Cue, the beginning of my irritation. What do you mean you don’t have one? I just listened to my mother make it yesterday. This cannot be.

Well it was. I spoke with a very nice lady and she made me a new appointment with a new doctor at a new office. When I expressed my concern at the time of the appointment (Jason and I are leaving ASAP after to go to one of my dear friends weddings) she assured me that this doctor is ALWAYS on time.

Fast forward to now. It is now 42 minutes past my appointment time. I find this ironic.

The silver lining is that I now have time to share my suffering with the blogging world! Now that I have told my tale, I feel much better and about 1/6 of the irritation that I felt at the beginning of this post. Relief 🙂

While I’m at it, here are some of my latest Instagram hits!




I am off for now! Be on the lookout for a post about the beautiful wedding weekend to come. Have a great weekend and BEad happy!!!!


Foodie Heaven: What I Ate Wednesday

Drumroll please… My FIRST foodie blog post! What-I-Ate-Wednesday is here and ready for the world. My day was a little crammed full today, so by the time I even made it to Pinterest to browse Skinny Mom’s recipe page, I already didn’t feel like making anything difficult. Enter, Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins. I saw this recipe and immediately had to try it because it has melted cheese on top and I am a sucker for cheesy dishes.


Here is the original blog that the recipe came from…. Half Baked Harvest. Here is the link for the recipe!


This was a good recipe for me, because I had most everything besides the sweet potatoes and a couple ingredients. Post-grocery shot… Food bloggers are AWESOME. I kept forgetting to photograph steps :/


I pretty much doubled the recipe, because sweet Jason was coming for dinner and I guess I expected him to eat 2 whole sweet potatoes… This did not happen so I now have 4 leftover skins to consume.

Recipe hint: These are filling. I would follow the recipe unless you have 6 or more people eating. ALSO, it is spicy. I personally love spicy food, but my mom does NOT and “her mouth was on fire”. We had a little greek yogurt on the side which went great with the skins. Highly recommended.




And Bead Happy bracelets… And wine. Duh.

image-5 image-6

And finished products! My dear roomie made some delish asparagus from Cooking Light which was amaze and went really well with the skins.
Overall Verdict: These are AWESOME. I loved the flavors and the spice. The mix of the hot peppers and the sweet potato really was great and I would definitely make these again. I approved, Roomie approved, Mom approved AND Boyfriend approved. Clear winner. Now finishing the night by blogging, wine-ing and cringing at the sound of Nicki Minaj’s voice watching American Idol.
Goodnight friends and remember to BEad Happy! 🙂

Work Work Work

Work Work Work

Cindarelly Cindarelly… Today is definitely a work day for me. I’ve gotten off on the right foot by creating my first official Facebook ad! A few days ago I hit 100 likes on my page! In the grand scheme of the Facebook world, this is highly un-impressive, however, in the grand scheme of my life as a starving artist, this was the most exciting thing that happened to me in the month of March. Anyways, Facebook ROCKS and they sent me a coupon for $50 of free advertising. So my hopes are that by the end of the week, my likes will grow exponentially. Fingers crossed!

In other news, this weekend was Easter weekend and I am still coming down off of my candy high. My sweet boyfriend made me a healthy salmon dinner last night and I felt SO much better. So naturally my next move was to stop by Burger King this morning for a croissant sandwich. And a miniature Cinnabon. All of that being said, I really want to try to focus part of this blog on the health/wellness side of Happiness. I would love to dedicate one post a week to trying out a healthy recipe and share how it goes. Thoughts, tips and tricks of food blogging would be MUCH appreciated.

I’m off for the day to make more beaded creations and stalk pinterest for a recipe to try tonight! Perhaps I can post a what-i-ate-wednesday post tomorrow….. 🙂 Have a healthy day and BEad Happy!


Stack of the Day!


Good morning bloggers! This is me checking out my brand new WordPress app…. Loving this stack. Somehow, every piece of jewelry that I am attracted to ends up being turquoise. Is it just me, or should turquoise be the number one arm candy staple?

I have potential HUGE news in my life that I’m hoping to share within a week…. Keep your eyes out 🙂

Make today great and remember to always BEad happy!!!

Whining and Wine-ing

Once again, I find myself writing this after a loooong hiatus. I have been in a total lazy, fatty, fried food-induced, post-vacation coma creative funk the past few weeks and I am hoping that this is the end and that I will finally be able to commit myself to becoming a true blogger. So here goes….

In the month of March, I have been guilty of whining. A lot. While it has been for various reasons, not a single one of them have been legitimate, which is pretty sad for a perfectly healthy and happy 23-year-old. The silver lining of this??? I have realized that it has been happening, and I am vowing to make it stop, effective now. To make it a little easier to quit whining cold-turkey, I am going to take up WINE-ing.

Wine-ing is a term that may already exist for all I know, but for the purposes of this blog will be defined as enjoying a glass (or four) of my favorite adult beverage some time after the hour of 5pm (okay, 4:30). I have gotten off to a great start with my wine-ing tonight! It has even inspired me to make some new bracelets 🙂


Spring has sprung 🙂 Now if only the weather would catch on. I thought it was supposed to be hot in Georgia??

In other news, this month was my annual girls trip to Cabo San Lucas (aka, the best place on earth) and we had a BLAST. Here are some pics from the trip!

45470_10151263932056503_1050192001_n 625507_10151263932006503_1470812102_n 602014_10151263931951503_640293372_n 72452_10151263931786503_633041989_n 525164_10151263934031503_1423672174_n 406385_10151263932836503_1262261582_n


Also, I have turned into the world’s corniest human, so I couldn’t resist…..


Well bloggers, I am off to enjoy some of the other creative minds that I can find on WordPress! I hope to find some inspiration and motivation to write again tomorrow. Cheers to WINE-ing!!! Always remember to BEad Happy 🙂 🙂 Much love.

Thanks to Skinny Margs….

Hello blogosphere! I finally got around to making some bracelets tonight. After a skinny margarita (and a half), I was feeling it. ABOUT TIME! I need to get over this creative block issue if I am going to really take off with this bracelet making… I’m thinking it could potentially be a problem. Maybe I need skinny margs every night? Let’s go with that.

At any rate, new bracelets are on the market. Now to get them OFF the market, so I can replenish my bead stash 🙂


Welcome to my office. Tonight, Idol. I’m seriously missing Steven Tyler.

And here are the finished goods!






Now I am off to what promises to be a VERY late night of cleaning and coming up with a delicious, low-cal dessert to make for my man for our 8-month anniversary date tomorrow night. Ideas welcomed! BEad Happy my friends!

Trips and Treats

After a long week and a half of traveling, exercising and attempting to eat healthy, I am finally back to add another chapter to my blogging journey! I haven’t worked on my bracelets in over a week and I am writing this blog post in the hopes that the creative flow will jump back into my body.

Two weekends ago, I took my very first trip to Boston to visit friends of my boyfriend, Jason. It was AWESOME. Talk about a much needed get-away. That being said, it pretty much obliterated any shot there was of me moving to any state where the winters stay consistently below freezing. Another trip this past weekend to the midwest did not help those odds. I am still parked in front of a space heater wearing a sweater and uggs, trying to get my body temperature to return to normal. Here are a couple of pics from Boston!

Talk about a beautiful city! I would live there in a second if it weren’t for the sub-arctic temperatures.
Georgetown Cupcakes…. Chocolate Banana and Coconut. No further explanation needed. Thank God for a boyfriend who loves food as much as I do.
Last, but certainly not least, my sweet boyfriend, Jason and I enjoying some margs. Love him 🙂
While I LOVE to travel, I tend to over-indulge when I am in places that I have never been before, or don’t go often. Or when I go out to eat. Or when I drive past a bakery. Let’s just say, I like to eat delicious food, regardless of the nutrition label. So when I got back from Boston and my mom informed me that I had been volunteered (by her) to join her and my dad in a Biggest Loser contest, I was a little skeptical about the fact that they thought I needed to be included in this contest. I went along with it, because I was trying to be supportive of my parents and because I still have hopes that I can eclipse my middle sister for the title of favorite child. THEN, I weighed myself for the first time in months to get my starting point. I was a little more than slightly taken aback, and I have now flipped my competitive switch on and plan to beat the crap out of them. Forget being the supportive daughter. Sooo, I have been using my new favorite apps, Nike Training Club and Lose It, and I have had a successful week in spite of having a couple McDonalds runs on my second trip!
I am now adjusted to my new, healthy lifestyle and it is time to get back to being an artsy hipster. Stacking up a few bracelets has inspired me to string up some new styles today, so be on the look-out for NEW and exciting pics! Here are the neutrals I went with today. They were a pretty wicked (I picked up some Boston lingo) compliment to my tan sweater, if I do say so myself.
I’m now feeling creative and energized! Off to make some Smart-Pop and string up some BEautiful BEads!!!!! BEad happy readers 🙂